Where do you stand in your journey to accomplish ESG goals?
Customized ESG technology in Travel and Hospitality to accelerate your pace
More than Environmental
Most travel and hospitality organizations view sustainability as an environmental goal of going green, reducing emissions, or minimizing one’s overall impact on the environment. While they are not entirely wrong, sustainability is much more encompassing than just the carbon footprint and considers aspects of social and organizational accountability as well.
Deep-rooted ESG capabilities plus in-depth T&H domain knowledge
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in ESG, data analytics, AI/ML, IoT, RPA, and Cloud
passion for enabling travel & hospitality enterprises create sustainable traveler experiences
Snapshot of T&H ESG components
An amalgamation of various functional areas and competencies
Sustainable Sourcing
Energy Management
Waste Management
Fuel Management
Cabin Air Quality
CSR initiatives
Human Rights
Guest Welfare
Employee Welfare
Diversity Equity Inclusion
Tax and Regulatory Compliance
Data Privacy and Security
Corporate Governance
Ethics & Compliance
Risk Management
How mature is your ESG?
Wherever you are on your journey to attain your ESG goals, we can help
Give your ESG initiatives the Tech4TH advantage
T&H ESG reporting data landscape
The impact of ESG initiatives within the Travel and Hospitality domain have far reaching impact across sectors, giving organizations the ability to leverage technology to reap a multitude of benefits.
The Tech4TH ESG Approach
Get the double whammy of our knowledge in Travel & Hospitality and our deep-rooted expertise in technology to build an effective ESG tech stack, that brings you closer to planning, measuring and achieving your ESG goals.
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