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Transforming business
through technology
Our promise is to empower
the workforce, optimize operations,
drive sustainability and maximize revenues.

Return on Imagination

Our innate desire to reimagine traveler experience using cutting edge digital technologies goes beyond making a positive impact on the traveler’s journey. We also dedicate ourselves to enabling our clients to have “intelligent engagement” with their employees and the communities in which they operate.


Return on Imagination starts with reimagining experiences for our customers (travelers), colleagues (employees), and the community (sustainability), which to us is 3CX. We use Data and AI technologies as enablers to realize these transformative and seamless experiences.


We deliver this through custom solutions that leverage our own AI and technology accelerators and frameworks, which reduce the overall time and effort to build and operationalize these solutions.

Making it all real

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Digital Infrastructure

Establishing the right digital infrastructure starts with identifying the right cloud strategy. Our team of experts can help you establish your cloud strategies and roadmap, assist you with cloud migration and transformation, and establish operations to run your infrastructure efficiently. We do this with a keen focus on cybersecurity to ensure that your infrastructure is resilient and secure.


This infrastructure will enable the building of cloud-native solutions to make it easy to build a cloud-first, future-ready organization.

Data & AI

Building the data ecosystem to enable advanced analytics and the use of machine learning starts with the identification of the right data to enable various critical use cases. Our expertise in the travel and hospitality industry enables us to work with our customers to assist in discovering the right data within their ecosystem. Our focus and experience in data engineering allow us to implement efficient data platforms from ingestion to transformation and efficient storage for further use.


Finally, our focus on data governance and management ensures that the data ecosystem is built to last and scale. This ecosystem is now ready to create analytics and machine learning solutions that generate insights for engagement.

Integration & Connectors

The right integration strategy is very important to ensure the right insight is delivered to the right channel at the right time. Our expertise and experience across the landscape, from traditional enterprise application integration to contemporary technologies such as APIs and microservices, allow us to architect the right integration ecosystem for our customers.