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Reimagining 3CX with New Age Technology

Our core offerings are designed to enable our customers to focus on their customers, their colleagues, and their community. We partner with our customers to help them establish their technology priorities and roadmap with Tech Strategy Consulting and to realize these using our Engineering 5.0 offering, which provides product engineering services from concept to implementation to support.


Our approach towards technology solutions is data and AI-led, and we believe that enabling 3CX requires that data be the pivotal element of the solutions at hand. We believe that innovation is central to reimagination. Through our Innovation Twin offering, we partner with our customers to be the extension of their innovation team and collaborate at any or all stages, from ideation to prototyping and scaling the solution at hand. Applied Data Science is our fourth offering that goes hand-in-hand with innovation. Through this offering, we provide our customers with an efficient way to explore the field of data science through point problems that establish the value of data science. For our more mature customers, we provide data science services as an independent service.

Core Offerings

Innovation Twin

Continued digital transformation requires continuous innovation, especially in the era of rapid technological advances. Our customers in the travel and hospitality industry focus on innovation across the breadth of their businesses. Innovation teams often don’t have the luxury of maintaining a breadth of technology skills within the team.


As part of our “Innovation Twin” offering, we collaborate with our customers’ innovation teams to reimagine all aspects of their business, including enabling 3CX, optimizing operations, and improving sustainability. We offer services related to:


• Design thinking workshops
• Product ideation exercises
• UX and customer journeys
• MVP prototyping
• Scaling prototypes to products and applications

Tech Strategy Consulting

Travel and hospitality enterprises are constantly looking to reimagine and reinvent their technology landscape to utilize emerging technologies. Our tech strategy consulting offerings help our customers unlock the full potential of their businesses through the efficient use of technology.


As part of this offering, we collaborate with our customer teams to drive strategies around processes and technology. We bring deep industry experience, domain knowledge, and technology expertise to help identify potential disruptors. We offer services related to:


• Enterprise architecture
• Data and analytics
• Enterprise Integration
• Cognitive sciences
• Product Strategy and Roadmap

Engineering 5.0

With our Engineering 5.0 offering, we provide services that cover everything you need to design, build, scale, implement, maintain, and modernize your products.


With a continuous focus on security within the product development lifecycle, we use Agile and DevSecOps to ensure the most efficient product engineering process. Tech4TH, along with its partners, can bring to bear a team of over 5000 digital experts across data, enterprise integration, digital infrastructure, IoT, digital experience, and cognitive sciences. We offer services related to:


• Product Engineering
• Product Implementation and Professional Services
• Product Sustenance and Modernization
• Site Reliability Engineering

Data Science as-a-service

With the travel industry evolving at such a rapid pace, the need of the hour is to leverage data science for a competitive advantage. To optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency, the use of data science has become an integral part of the technology landscape. Before an enterprise commits to a long-term and large-scale investment in data science, there is a need to establish the value that data science can bring to solving problems in the context of that enterprise. We offer the following services that help these enterprises establish the value of data science:


• Exploratory data analysis
• Proofs of concept and prototypes for data science problem statements
• Scaled implementation after prototyping.


For our more mature customers who have invested in data science, we offer data science capabilities that will help them scale their own capabilities on demand.

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