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Travel 361 leverages advanced technology to provide real-time insights into traveler behaviors and preferences. By harnessing the power of data and AI, we enable travel service providers to not just meet but anticipate the needs of their customers.

Seamless Air Experience

From hassle-free check-ins to personalized itineraries, every aspect of travel is enhanced with Travel 361. We ensure that from the moment passengers leave their doorstep to the moment you arrive at your destination, their journey is seamless and comfortable.

Enhanced Sustainability

Through intelligent insights and sustainable practices, Travel 361 aims to protect local cultures and promote responsible tourism. Our technology empowers us to create eco-friendly travel solutions that maintain the allure of travel while ensuring it remains a viable pleasure for future generations.

Driving Airline Innovation Through Technology

Innovation Twin

Our ‘Innovation Twin’ initiative sparks transformative changes in travel and hospitality by enhancing customer experiences and promoting sustainability. This collaborative effort combines design thinking, ideation, and rapid prototyping to drive innovation, ensuring continuous improvement and cutting-edge solutions. Join us in shaping the future of travel.

Tech Strategy Consulting

We amplify your business potential through strategic consulting in technology. Our collaborative approach encompasses enterprise architecture, data analytics, cognitive sciences, and sustainable strategies. By identifying key disruptors, we drive transformative success, positioning your business at the forefront of industry innovation.

Data Science as a Service

Dominate the travel industry with our comprehensive Data Science services. From exploratory data analysis to the development and scaling of prototypes, we provide data-driven insights that foster significant business growth. Let our expertise guide you to informed, impactful decisions.

Engineering 5.0

Our Engineering 5.0 framework delivers complete lifecycle services—from product design and development to scaling and modernization. Emphasizing security, we utilize Agile and DevSecOps methodologies to ensure robust, efficient, and secure product development.

Tech4th Case studies

Airfield Light Monitoring

Client: Major International Airport


Challenge: Inefficiencies in airfield lighting maintenance caused visibility and safety concerns.



  • Implemented a real-time monitoring system for airfield lighting.
  • Dynamic loading of airport maps and lamp coordinates.
  • Configurable color coding for quick status updates.
  • Integrated fault syncing and incident reporting.



  • Enhanced maintenance efficiency and operational safety.
  • Reduced downtime and operational disruptions.

Large Airline: Enterprise IT Modernization

Client: Large Global Airline


Challenge: Needed to update its IT infrastructure to improve data management and customer service amidst integration challenges with legacy systems.



  • Developed an enterprise reference architecture.
  • Implemented a next-gen customer-centric data lake.
  • Integrated Cloudera Hadoop on-prem and on AWS for improved data handling.



  • Enabled advanced data analytics to enhance customer service and operational efficiency.
  • Successfully completed the extensive IT overhaul within 12 months and 2,500 person-days.

Ground Fueling and Settlement System

Client: Aviation Fuel Management Company


Challenge: Existing methods for managing aircraft refueling were unreliable and inefficient, leading to operational delays.



  • Developed an IoT-based solution for real-time tracking of aircraft refueling.
  • Incorporated offline-and-resync capabilities to ensure service continuity.
  • Conducted R&D to select the optimal hardware and software.



  • Streamlined the fueling process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Supported successful R&D, leading to an effective MVP that improved operational processes.

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