The Tech4TH story

The “why”

The last year-and-a-half has upended the world of travel even more than it has other industries. The very nature of travel has changed – business travel has been replaced by virtual meetings and vacations by workcations. Customers are, more than ever, expecting a seamless, personalized experience throughout the journey with a spotlight on safety. Outside of pandemic-induced changes to the industry, millennials are driving demand for sustainable travel.

Various functions such as loyalty management, pricing, and operations are being impacted by the changing environment and customer demands. These aspects demand a change in the way travel and hospitality companies function and manage their business. Many of these business changes will require underlying technology systems to be re-designed functionally and re-architected technologically. With strategic plans driven by leaders top down, many are wondering how to implement those and even how to plan them. They need a new form of transformation without increasing costs and making best use of lean workforce and agile models.

Over the years, we have seen how companies struggle to stay relevant and how disjointed the business goals and technology systems can get. We have collectively seen technology delivery evolving from a traditional project approach to an agile. We believe true agility comes from viewing all technology systems as products; products that continually evolve to meet the rapidly changing demands of customers and enable growth.

Tech4TH is born out of a desire to reimagine not just the traveler experience but also the way we deliver technology to impact these experiences and drive growth. Our approach to transformation is grounded in a simultaneous view of both our customer and our customers’ customers. We believe that companies need a fusion of strategy and consulting; experience and engineering – led with a product operating model to enable true digital transformation.

Tech4TH is founded by three like-minded individuals, together bringing in over seven decades of experience in varied aspects of travel and technology. They are connected by a shared value system and beliefs: that hard work and single-minded determination leads to success in life; that guests (customers) always come first; and that we must respect money, especially from our investors and customers.

The “how”

We believe the purest form of growth mindset is what a child depicts with the power of unbridled “imagination”. That’s what we will drive in all our engagements with our customers, our fellow employees, and the society we live in.

We are on a mission to help travel and hospitality enterprises reimagine travel and propel a growth mindset to build the next generation of products, services, and customer experiences. We will do so by looking at challenges and possibilities the way only a child can…with limitless imagination and unadulterated enthusiasm! Along the same lines, we have also chosen to acronymize our values to IMAGINE (Integrity, Magnanimous, Ambitious, Grateful, Inclusive, Nimble, and Excellence). We have adopted “Return on Imagination” as a singular measure of success.

With this belief, Tech4TH is here as a proud collective to make a positive impact on travelers and guests.

The “what”

At Tech4TH, we provide several Services and Solutions. But there are two offerings, in particular, that are very close to our hearts:

The tourism industry produces about 8% of the overall CO2 emissions. This doesn’t factor the impact of tourism on the local socio-cultural aspects. We are deeply committed to doing our bit by helping the travel industry continue to grow but do so through sustainable means.

Secondly, we have seen how Agile and DevSecOps methodologies have transformed IT groups worldwide and across all industries. However, we believe those journeys are far from complete. The true benefits are realized only when there is real transformation across the entire value chain of technology delivery, which includes the business. It pains us to see companies not capitalizing on their initial success. This is especially true in the travel industry. We are absolutely passionate about helping travel & hospitality companies transform themselves from a project-oriented to a product-focused workplace culture. And to achieve this, we will lean on to the able delivery and technology expertise of Happiest Minds and our collective network of consultants.

Thus, came into existence Tech4TH, focused on providing technology solutions and services solely to travel & hospitality companies. In fact, the name Tech4TH is a play on “Technology for Travel & Hospitality”.

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Tech4TH Brand Manifesto

Return on Imagination

Imagination begets all creation.
Imagination unfolds realms of the unknown.
Imagination dreams audacious and builds the impossible.
Imagination forges a strong foundation with the ecosystem.
Imagination creates solutions that visualize the future state.
Imagination brings child-like enthusiasm and makes the difficult easy.

At Tech4TH, we live by the philosophy of imagination.
Today, we are proud to embrace it as our identity.

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